What’s Your Style? (And My Style Meltdown)

Hiya, friends! Sorry I’ve been missing in action here on the dot. The past two weeks have been a wonderful whirlwind filled with friends, family, my 10 year high school reunion, work, binge watching Orange Is the New Black, and a few happy hours sprinkled in between! But, I am back and I am bloggin’.

I am lucky enough to be a part of an online community of amazing, diverse women. Inevitably we talk a lot about fashion (among other things like what is going on in our lives, current events, music and poop jokes). Recently we got to talking about personal style and how it mirrors our personalities. We all have a style we lean towards and have evolved into, but does it reflect our true selves?

Currently, I feel that I have two very different styles that I connect to and some random pieces from some passing phases in life (I’m lookin’ at you, long boho crocheted vest I never wore). Somedays I channel my inner 90s grunge girl and other days I could pass for a modern-day 50s house wife. Changing up my style has been something that steadily evolved, I’d cling to one look for a few years until it naturally phased into another. As I approach my 30s I am beginning to notice that all the different styles I’ve rocked in the past are still with me.

This of course completely threw off my sense of self for a few days. Nothing I owned felt right. I had a moment where I was blasting Alanis Morissette while digging through my closet ready to part ways with everything I own and start fresh with nothing but denim and plain t-shirts. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that this mess of styles isn’t really a mess at all. It is who I was, who I am, and who I am growing to be…all of these styles are me (all the plaid, torn denim, vintage, and polka dotted pieces of me).

So, tell me, what’s your style?

About the look: Left: Mysteries of the Universe Tee, ModCloth /// Tartan Plaid Snap-Button Shirt, Forever 21 /// Dark Wash Skinny Jeans, The Loft  /// Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Laceless Sneaker, DSW /// Right: Vintage Dress, Three Rivers Vintage /// Nude Pointed Toe Flat, Nine West

Photos by Lindsey at Electric Lime Studios!

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12 Replies to “What’s Your Style? (And My Style Meltdown)”

  1. Kim I have felt the same way and just reorganized my closet today! Maybe it was the reunion or getting closer to 30 heck even OITNB can make one ponder their style. I totally get what youre saying and glad you posted again!

  2. I’m embarrassed to even call it a “style”, as it’s more of a morose collection of “pre-pregnancy/first job” pieces and “post-pregnancy/what-can-I-hide-my-body-in? pieces, but I’m getting there…… Used to head to clearance racks for the cheapest thing available in my size, but I’m learning now…a well-fitting garment is worth MUCH MORE than an ill-fitting bargain. Any who, my style leans towards “Banana Republic” or “Ann Taylor” and I’m LOVING it!

    1. You always look so cute, polished and put together! I am also learning about quality over quantity when it comes to my clothing purchases, it doesn’t always make sense to buy a bunch of cheap items instead of high quality staples. I am still clinging to items I bought when I started my first job too!

  3. i’m pretty consistently 50s-60s inspired. But I will say that I find ways to play around in there–sometimes it’s housewife, sometimes it’s young co-ed, sometimes it’s sexy secretary. But who knows, maybe that will change!

    -Desiree, http://www.popomaticdeluxe.com

  4. I definitely understanding feeling torn between multiple styles. I am normally drawn to sweet, 50s-inspired style (lots of fun prints, florals and dresses) but there are definitely more “modern” days where I want to just throw on a crazy t-shirt and yoga pants or wear some kind of monochromatic, shapeless wonder. It is definitely weather/mood dependent!

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