The Dot Goes to Asheville!

Last week I got to spend some much needed quality time with my parents, brother, and husband in the cutest cabin tucked away off a winding mountain road in Black Mountain, North Carolina. My husband and I made our first trip to Asheville a couple years back and have been back two times since. We love it there so much that we’re planning a big move next year! But, until then I’ll just daydream about the gorgeous views, delicious food, and the copious amount of craft beers I tried! I know you all were probably looking to see what I wore all week, but sometimes a gal just has to live in the moment.
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Throughout the week we visited the Western North Carolina Nature Center (and had to be pried away from the otters), drank at some of my favorites breweries, did a ton of window shopping, cleaned my plate at a few restaurants, and went ziplining!

I was incredibly excited (then nervous and then excited again) to go ziplining at Navitat Canopy Adventures. My brother and I chose the Blue Ridge Experience and it didn’t disappoint. There were three different side-by-side “racing style” ziplines that sent us soaring mountaintop to mountaintop. One spanned 3,600ft long more than 350ft high, while another sent me flying so fast my eyes watered. However, no matter the zipline words cannot express how stunning the views were. I thrilled that Navitat offered GoPro rentals, as well as, took pictures of your adventure along the way!

[wpvideo JLD4K3Rh]

In between each zip we hiked with our tour guides, Jeremy and Graham, who taught us about the mountains, history of the land and surrounding natural habitat. On our last zip Jeremy made a statement that really stuck with me. With the busyness of our everyday lives, work, and stress, it is easy to forget that we belong in immersed in nature. He encouraged us to take a mental picture for whenever we need that reminder of where we came from and then sent us on our way. When the tour was over I felt incredibly refreshed and energized (and proud that I didn’t scream my face off).

If you ever take a trip to Asheville I hope that you love it as much as I do. Here’s some of my favorite places and spaces from this past trip:

Wedge Brewing Company
Pisgah Brewing Company
Burial Beer Company
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (I am pretty sure I heard angels singing when we pulled up! So. STUNNING.)

The Admiral
Farm Burger
Suwana’s Thai Orchid
Black Mountain Ale House (My husband swears he had life-changing meatloaf here.)

Hazel Twenty Mobile Boutique
Minx Boutique
Hip Replacements

Life on a Dot | Pittsburgh Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Life on a Dot | Pittsburgh Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Life on a Dot | Pittsburgh Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Life on a Dot | Pittsburgh Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

3 Replies to “The Dot Goes to Asheville!”

  1. Looks like you had a blast and it looks so beautiful there! That’s a place I need to visit. Always enjoying your posts! ????

  2. You forgot Lookout Brewery where we were all sitting in a line in the sun in the parking lot. And the cute little dog that was glued to you. Also Oskar Blues.

  3. Kim, your article and pictures sure make me want to visit Asheville! Thank you for the great virtual tour. I’m excited for you that you will have the opportunity to live there soon!

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