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Some of you may have come across Life on a Dot not knowing a single thing about me, while some of you know that I am a little hard of hearing due to blasting My Heart Will Go On at full volume when I was 10. However you came to be here, I am so happy to have you! This week I reached out to my friends, family and coworkers to ask me anything. I love how the questions reflect their personalities, as well as, show the differences in our relationships. This post will be a little longer than most, but I hope this gives you a little glimpse into my little dot!

What was your favorite memory from camping growing up?
Asked by my mom and dad | Shmumblebee and Shmadis

Growing up I was lucky enough to camp around the east coast in a pop up camper with my family. We kept track of all the places we had been with a little map decal and I remember feeling so worldly for having been to a few different states. While I didn’t realize it then, my favorite memories happened in the car while we traveled. I’d sit in the back of our van, watch VHS recordings of I Love Lucy and hope to not to get car sick. Our van’s name was Myrtle, my brother and I would talk to it and whole-heatedly believed that Myrtle talked back. Turns out it was just my mom and dad making noises in return. Even when I was old enough to know better and it was time to part ways with Myrtle, I sobbed. I will always appreciate my parent’s effort to keep our imaginations alive. As for camping itself, I am actually clumsy. I sat on a hot hotdog roasting fork and had a hilarious scar for years. I also stepped on a tent spike and got a flaming marshmallow stuck to my stomach.

If you could choose only one item to sew a whole outfit from, what textile and color would it be, and what kind of outfit would you make?
Asked by Leeana | This little ray of sunshine I know

I love the idea of giving new life to old textiles! Going thrift shopping and finding old garments, accessories, and fabric used to be a huge thrill for me. I had drawers full of vintage graphic tees with intentions to turn them into edgy dresses, made a tutu out of underwear, and once tried to bring an 80s prom gown back to life (turns out sequins, spandex and shoulder pads never work). Since starting my first big girl job out of college, I let sewing get away from me. I recently hopped back on the saddle and made the red circle skirt you see pictured here! Now, I officially want to make ALL the yellow skirts and dresses.

If your personality were a mix tape, what are the songs?
Asked by Jess | My lovely friend and blogger at In Pursuit of Simple

  1. The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun
  2. Modest Mouse – Float On
  3. They Might Be Giants – Till My Head Falls Off
  4. Frank Sinatra – Why Try to Change Me Now?
  5. The Aquabats – Lovers of Loving Love
  6. Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls
  7. Run-DMC – It’s Tricky
  8. Led Zeppelin – Going to California
  9. Blind Melon – No Rain
  10. Ingrid Michaelson – You and I

If you were a pug, would you be fawn or black?
Ask by Linny | The peanut butter to my jelly and very best friend

I would totes be a fawn pug. I don’t quite have a rhyme or reason, but when I think of myself as a pug, I picture a fawn pug running through a field of daffodils (I may have immediately Googled pug in daffodils – it’s a thing).

What has been the happiest moment of your life so far?
Asked by Jessica | The freest spirit I know

My life is full of happy moments, little and big. I’ve been accused of thinking every day is the best day ever. However, I can honestly say that my wedding day was the happiest moment of my life so far. I know it’s not the most unique answer, but it’s my answer. The Aquabats said it best; “being in love it feels so great”; I thought my face was going to explode from smiling my entire wedding day. Walking down the aisle on my dad’s arm towards my love surrounded by the most important people in my life was absolute bliss. Plus, they had copious amounts of cocktail shrimp waiting for me in the bridal suite.

If you could be any species of dinosaur, what species would you be and why?
Ask by Melissa | My lifelong best friend

I am pretty sure I’d be a Stegosaurus! They had a small head (I totally relate), were seemingly gentle, and they appreciate a good salad.

What is the one thing that brings out the most joy in you? That goose bump, wanna jump up and down, that love life feeling.
Asked by Majda | My boss and mentor

It is only fitting that one of the most passionate and inspiring people I know asked me this question. Witnessing compassion, kindness, and selflessness makes my heart skip a beat. I admit that I am so easily overwhelmed by all the darkness that surrounds us in the media, it can be hard to remember that there is good happening all around. I am guilty of occasionally not loving life as much as I should or not being grateful for what I have, but honestly, my life is worth dancing about.

What is your number one thing on your bucket list?
Asked by Ashley | My friend, coworker, and owner of Little Peach Feet

I know I was asked for my number one, but I am just so passionate about so many things. I’d love to open my own clothing boutique one day! Even just thinking about it gets me excited. Also, if you know me, you know I am a crazy animal lover. I’d love to open my home to foster dogs in need. I also have a passion to work closely with an anti-bullying nonprofit organization, it is something very near and dear to my heart. I was a little different growing up, and went through a lot of phases. I was lucky enough to have amazing friends and parents who embraced and encouraged me to be creative. I’d love to help those who may be struggling know that they are not alone, learn to embrace their quirks, and shine as the beautiful, unique person they are.

If you could bring one animal back from extinction what animal would you bring back and why?
Asked by Jesse | My husband, love, and other half

The first animal that comes to mind is the dodo bird. They were trusting and sadly were hunted to their extinction. They didn’t really have natural enemies, so I just feel some sort of connection to them.

What inspired you to start this blog?

Growing up I always loved clothes, I used to make my parents endure fashion shows featuring every single top, bottom, dress, skirt or accessory I owned. That passion carried me through high school; I wanted nothing more than to have a career in fashion. I was in love with textiles, playing with patterns, sewing, and fashion merchandising. I let the fear of finding a job overcome my desire to pursue what I was passionate about. I decided to major in web design and interactive media, and while I’ve found it to be a wonderful, rewarding career, I have just been missing a little fashion inspiration in my life. This blog gives me the chance to share my passion for fashion and color, push me out of my comfort zone, and express my quirky style.

This weekend I got to play in Pittsburgh’s Strip District with my best friend and co-owner of Electric Lime Studio. We enjoyed the most delicious donuts in the Burgh from Peace Love and Little Donuts and Klavon’s Ice Cream provided the perfect backdrop to complement my favorite sweater.

Life on a Dot | Pittsburgh Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

About the Look: Donut Sweater, Target /// Red Circle Skirt, Handmade by me /// Dotty Handbag, Oilily /// Sheer Polka Dot Tights, Target /// Shoes, ModCloth

8 Replies to “Sweets & Deets”

  1. You are so talented! I loved reading this! I cannot wait to read more of your blog. Keep me updated on new entries, as I will be reading all of them. Hope all is well with you! ????

  2. Love your outfit Kim! I am totes jealous that you have awesome photographers at your disposal!! Loved reading the questions from your friends and family! Great idea!

    1. Akia, if I had half the photography talent that you do, I would be thrilled! Linny & Dan are amazing and take great outfit photos for me. Thank you so much <3.

  3. I have the same sweater and ADORE it. It’s what I wear practically every weekend with my hang around jeans. These adorable pics may get me to try it with a skirt soon, though! 😉

    1. Yay, sweater twins! Up until this weekend, I have always rocked it with jeans. I can’t wait for spring so that I can wear it with skirts all the time! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :).

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