My First Ever Blogger Event: ModCloth IRL Pop-up Shop

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I’m not gonna lie. I have been dreaming for about 8 years about prancing through a room filled with quirky dresses from ModCloth. Yesterday, that dream came true! The ModCloth IRL pop-up shop made it’s way to Pittsburgh at 625 Smithfield Street for the last stop of their IRL Tour. The pop-up fit shop will be open through Tuesday, September 27th, Monday-Saturday, 10am-8pm and Sunday, 11am-6pm. Continue reading “My First Ever Blogger Event: ModCloth IRL Pop-up Shop”

3 Things I Learned During My First Year of Blogging

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I can’t believe that a whole year has passed since starting the Life on a Dot blog! I am so thankful for everyone who has been a part of this whirlwind with me so far. The journey has had its ups and downs, from being featured on some awesome blogs to letting my perfectionism get the best of me. Here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way… Continue reading “3 Things I Learned During My First Year of Blogging”

The Dot Goes to Asheville!

Life on a Dot | Pittsburgh Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Last week I got to spend some much needed quality time with my parents, brother, and husband in the cutest cabin tucked away off a winding mountain road in Black Mountain, North Carolina. My husband and I made our first trip to Asheville a couple years back and have been back two times since. We love it there so much that we’re planning a big move next year! But, until then I’ll just daydream about the gorgeous views, delicious food, and the copious amount of craft beers I tried! I know you all were probably looking to see what I wore all week, but sometimes a gal just has to live in the moment. Continue reading “The Dot Goes to Asheville!”

Where I Come From

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I grew up in a pretty small, sleepy town. I often joked there were more cows than people and I couldn’t wait to leave. I’d walk to the local shopping plaza to buy fried chicken, corn bread, and peach rings. I stayed out late with friends roaming around town. I spent my free time taking dance classes, getting tattoos, and working at the local Burger King. Again, I couldn’t wait to leave. Continue reading “Where I Come From”

I’m a Little Uncool and I’m a Little Uncouth

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So, life can be a bit of a jokester sometimes. I am naturally a very bubbly, social, and optimistic person, but I’ve got a little secret. I suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. I know what you may be thinkin’ but nope, I am not amazingly organized (I wish) and you won’t find a clean freak here (sorry, honey)! Instead, I often find myself struggling intrusive thoughts that send me into a vicious cycle of worry, fear, and doubt (ya know, if I leave the Christmas lights on when we’re not home the house WILL burn down). That’s a pretty lame joke, life. Continue reading “I’m a Little Uncool and I’m a Little Uncouth”

Sweets & Deets

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Some of you may have come across Life on a Dot not knowing a single thing about me, while some of you know that I am a little hard of hearing due to blasting My Heart Will Go On at full volume when I was 10. However you came to be here, I am so happy to have you! This week I reached out to my friends, family and coworkers to ask me anything. I love how the questions reflect their personalities, as well as, show the differences in our relationships. This post will be a little longer than most, but I hope this gives you a little glimpse into my little dot!
Continue reading “Sweets & Deets”